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web service

media & video

Business needs

  • Evaluation of the current audio-video streaming solutions and chat-rooms
  • Mobile and web MVP preparation for video-consultation and large events
  • Development of the scalable architecture

What we did

We tested and benchmarked available market products and technologies. Codahead developed the backend architecture for the MVP:

  • Functionalities for admin
  • Multi-chats
  • Muti-rooms
  • Invitations to join chats and rooms
  • Streaming video-conferences with numerous participants (on Android)
  • Audio streaming/broadcasting
Web application acted as a client to the scalable infrastructure.



We used microservices architecture approach to achieve auto scaling of some parts of the system.
AWS Fargate to scale the microservices. AWS CloudFormation to automatize infrastructure setup (IaC solution). As aWebRTC engine we used Janus WebRTC Server that can handle WebRTC connections and offer additional features like recording, rooms, files sharing etc.

To let microservices and Janus communicate asynchronously, we adopted RabbitMQ message broker. Every microservice was deployed as a Docker container and stored on the Amazon ECR.

The mobile client, that Codahead created, uses the Android.webkit and due to adopted JavaScript library, the integration of the architecture with the client, custom-made frontend features is convenient and quick.

Dedicated to B2B mass-market


  • Simplicity & flexibility of integration for any end-client applications
  • Costs management with the help of the built-in advanced admin control panel

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