We don't have head in the clouds. We have it in the code.

Codahead is a software house located in a cosy office in Kraków, where we gather top brains, team spirit and great atmosphere. Apart from everybody's daily duties, we value your suggestions, ideas and initiative. We share similar work ethics and values. We're there for you as well as you're there for us.

Among designing web and mobile applications from scratch, we've got best weaponry in:

  • reliable payment services, implementation of ApplePay, RFID and NFC payments
  • intelligent electronics and hardware solutions
  • complete business analysis and tailored digital strategy
  • creating perfect UX and modern branding
  • refreshing your visual identity
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  • Software & Hardware Development

    We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web services, mobile applications. We also excel in branding & identity design and digital strategy. Building customized hardware solutions with a range of devices and modifiable software is our thing. We're one of the few companies that masters at creating printed circuit boards and intelligent electronics. Get inspired by our industrial design. Being visionary and strategic, we focus on preparing reliable prototypes and running well planned pre-production phase. It's our quest to be seamless and minimize potential risks.

  • UX/UI Design

    We tend not to judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to mobile and web applications, it's the first impression that really counts. Our designers may argue about colors, concepts and user experience, but ultimately the artistic storm leads to beautiful, natural and fully intuitive designs.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is our youngest offspring that is growing rapidly. Currently, we are developing highly specialized facial recognition software that is imitating human intelligence behavior by using latest advances in the Deep Learning field. Bearing in mind the importance of rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, we aim at constant self-improvement and we're open to new challenges and projects in that field.

  • Business Analysis

    You've got the coolest idea, but not sure what to do next? No problem, leave it to us. We offer a thorough business analysis process where subject matter experts figure out scope & requirements and come up with most effective business objectives. The preliminary steps are truly essential. But we also place value on the future of your spanking new project. In a nutshell, we care about proper support and training for end users and staff to guarantee best understanding of the final product.

  • Blockchain Magic

    Blockchain is fresh, hype technology which our company is experimenting with. We believe that decentralized systems, secure transactions and trusted data managed by blockchain technology will cause a revolution similar to what Internet provoked. End to end system based on this technology will be available soon in our product list.

  • It's Codahead

    Over 10 years of software experience did its work. Now, we are fully immersed in the world of challenging technologies and always try to be one step ahead. We work with a number of companies, from startups to larger corporations, to develop custom software solutions. Instead of answering client briefs with cliched feedback, we focus on finding real answers to your business problems.

    • Management

      Good project management is the key. It doesn't matter if your project is just starting from the ground up or is mature and full of features — work is smoother, more controllable and faster when there are solid management principles guiding it.

    • Creating Experiences

      We work across different stacks to provide our customers with the best experience. Whether you want hybrid or native we're a fit. We care about security. It's the apple of our eye and the air we breathe each day. If you need a robust, secure product then we're your team.

    • Development

      Software engineering is a complex process. To be successful, projects require solid system architecture, development standards, and emphasis on code quality. Successful projects employ smart engineers. Our engineers are smart, and always think in terms of the business needs.

  • Approach

    The Codahead development process follows today's best practices for agile and lean software development. We mostly use Scrum with our daily tasks — that's why we "sprint" throughout the process. Our analysts are aware that some projects may require trying a different approach. That's why we can adapt to your project management style, or base on our experience — introduce and maintain agile project management methodologies and tools. During each phase of a project, our team makes use of best-of-breed tools. We want you to be super satisfied with end-result, and we want our team to be proud of what we've achieved.

    • Discovery and Planning

      The team is focused on translating Client's business needs into technical solutions and system architectures that provide the best overall solution. We identify the technical requirements and craft a strategy for the delivery process. This phase also includes scope for project planning, developing user stories, including the project timeline, semi-releases and key milestones. We consider this to be the most important phase as it defines the scope and final deliverables for the product.

    • Design and Architecture

      Once the UX/UI is set, we are able to provide a dedicated UI designer who prepares pixel-perfect layouts for each device/size required. In previous projects, this phase typically included the preparation of the system's architecture and databases structure.

    • Implementation

      This phase starts with implementation of the core of your product, the back-end logic and infrastructure. The project's backend developer will set the foundation and define the structure that our front-end engineers will leverage to create the visual representation that users see and interact with. During each two-week development cycle we provide a test build. Cycle timespan can be adjusted for Clients' needs if necessary.

    • Delivery

      This is the part when everyone works even harder for a successful kick-off. The delivery phase guarantees safe production release of the product. During this phase dedicated QA engineers test all elements, for all users, with the goal of a successful launch.

    • Maintenance and Adjustments

      The last production phase focuses on the ongoing maintenance of the production instance. During this phase, Codahead makes use of various tools to measure performance in order to guide the team's efforts to provide required enhancements and adjustments that are necessary to the project.


ClubMileage mobile app

ClubMileage is an app for petrol addicts who love to be on the move, socialize and share their passion. In ClubMileage you will join or manage thematic Groups, use Private Chat and Group Shoutbox. Want to plan a trip or event? Get in touch with others and track your Group's location on the integrated Map. Have a little more initiative? Become an Admin of a Group. Show off your interests and invite new members.

Piast Gliwice mobile app

A web panel for managing sports club multimedia content. Maintenance of a website, creating new materials, publishing posts and videos available with just one service. One of the apps managed by Nuus is Piast — crafted for Polish football club & fans. Designs and color scheme suit club's identity. Inside the app — fresh news, final scores, football events, media and user zone. By teaming up with Nuus, you'll be able to buy tickets directly in the app and scan them at the stadium. Don't waste time standing in the lines. And if you're bored waiting for second half-times to begin, open the app and play a mobile game broadcasted on a large outdoor screen.



Codahead world is created from the big bang of engineers, product managers and designers. But it's still hungry for new talents. If you're smart and driven then you'll fit right in. Interested in Codahead? Let us know.

Office Perks

  • Fresh fruit, snacks and fizzy drinks
  • 1 hour lunch break
  • Games room
  • Retro Friday — Lan Parties
  • Beertime to welcome the upcoming weekend
  • Take your dog to work day (even everyday)
  • Parking space in the city center at half price
  • English classes with an awesome tutor

Mentoring Program

  • Interesting challenges
  • Mutual learning
  • Growth opportunities
  • Latest e-learning courses
  • Old school library for bookworms
  • Clear career path
  • Soft-skills training
  • Attractive training fund

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Photo of Randy Myers
Randy Myers, CEO tickPredict

Codahead's team is an integral part of our development team. We are able to work seamlessly back and forth, with zero language or cultural issues. The work product is top notch in both quality and speed. They are our secret weapon, so don't tell anyone.

Photo of Max Roper
Max Roper, CEO/CTO Appetize

Their work on our products made a significant difference to our business. We've built bussiness with these guys and seen increase in quote requests from the customers that has been pretty remarkable. High bussiness and technical knowledge that is out there!

Photo of Izabella Russel
Izabella Russel, Managing Director Music Radio Creative

It's great to have a team of experts on the other end of the email. Professional, fast and easy to communicate with. Our website development has never been easier!

Photo of Peter Ternström
Peter Ternström, Owner Granturismoevents

As a company working with premium brands and customers with extremely high demands, it is imperative that we work with partners that share our thrive for high quality of service. We are happy to recommend Codahead.

They helped me to cover IT technology areas and opened up our minds to possibilities — ways of reaching out to customers, companies that we cooperate with, improving communication on the events by delivering dedicated custom software and hardware tools or products. Happy to keep in touch with these guys as I know they're always there to help

Photo of Matt Synowiecki
Matt Synowiecki, CEO SquareStripSports

They have been unbelievable to work with. From the beginning, they not only have produced an excellent product, but they have helped me understand the entire process. They made sure to educate me, and always stayed in contact with me to ensure everything turned out the way that I envisioned it. Their organization and willingness to do whatever I want and need (I have woken them up in the middle of the night) is second to none.

Making a decision to start a business is a scary thing, and picking a developer is just as scary. I can genuinely say that I made a great choice, and not only are they my developing team, I view them as part of my company-family.

Photo of Vivek Chugh
Vivek Chugh, CEO Listables

I have had the pleasure of working with Codahead for the past couple of years. They helped me on the front-end development for Listables. I have always enjoyed working with them. The team is diligent and thorough in their deliverables and are an absolute fun set of people to work with. We plan to continue the relationship and create more fun and exciting features for Listables in the future.

Photo of Michał Draczyński
Michał Draczyński, PR Manager Piast Gliwice SA

Piast Gliwice for Android and iOS give new ways of connecting with our supporters. With push notifications we can inform them of the most important news from club. Nuus engine — hearth of app — is still developing. In few months we will induct ticket and loyalty program modules.


Celna 9, 30-507 Kraków, Poland

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  • We would like to inform you, that by clicking "Send" button you are voluntarily agreeing on receiving e-mail messages and phone contact from us. Your data will not be passed to any third party companies without your consent, and it will remain with Codahead sp. z o.o. sp. k., and will be used only when there will be a need of business related contact. You also have a right of accessing your personal data, updating it or being removed from the database. To do any of mentioned please contact: codahead@codahead.com.

Our Skills

Codahead brings a defined technical and delivery process to every project the company takes on. Our above-average powers include:

  • Online payment integrations with Braintree, Spreedly, Authorize and BridgePay gateways. Additionally, we proudly support: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay systems as well as Wristbands, Beacons, NFC and RFID payments.
  • Online fully encrypted payments with injected software to peripheral devices.

    PCI compliance (different levels) process with clients.
  • Machine Learning methods for predictive data analysis including Deep Learning in computer vision and audio generation / recognition.
  • Full AI stack services from data processing, model training to deployment and support.
  • Implementation of big data portals that handle large and heavy portions of database.
  • Online shop ordering and integrations with shipping companies (DHL, FedEx).
  • Smart hybrid solutions: XDK, PhoneGap, Xamarin.
  • Daily use of: Github, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, Testflight, Hockeyapp, Sketch, Axure, Invision, Fabric.
  • We are international knowing soo many languages: React.js / Node.js / Rails / Backbone.js / Ember.js / Angular / Ruby / PHP / Swift / Objective C / Java / Kotlin.


Check out latest available job openings. You didn't find the perfect fit,

but still want to tell us about your skills and experience? Drop us a note.

  • Attractive salary
  • MultiSport card and private medical care
  • Flexitime (8/10 — 16/18)
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Cool office in city center
  • Innovative projects
  • Opportunity to travel abroad
  • Extensive training package
  • Business league for sport freaks
  • We're student friendly
  • Team building events
  • Android Developer

    About the role:

    • working within Scrum methodology in a team of over a dozen specialists
    • proactive role in Point-of-Sale system development
    • using modern technologies and tools such as: Jira, Confluence, Git, Android Studio
    • Mac/Linux/Windows operating systems at your choice

    Essential skills:

    • at least 3 years of development experience for Android platform
    • good English, both written and spoken
    • ability to create testable code
    • experience in writing unit tests
    • good knowledge of Mockito, RxJava
    • working knowledge of Kotlin

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • being a successful member of a Scrum Team
  • iOS Developer

    About the role:

    • designing and implementing key functionalities of mobile applications used at major sport events, concerts, restaurants and retail services
    • developing optimal solutions to ensure safekeeping and secure processing of mobile payment systems
    • integrating external devices that communicate using Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, Lightning

    Essential skills:

    • university degree in computer science or related
    • 2+ years of experience in a similar position capacity
    • good command of iOS platform
    • proficiency in Objective-C / Swift
    • familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services
    • experience with tools such as Instruments, Xcode skills
    • good English in speech and writing

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • experience with Core Data and Core Data Frameworks
    • familiarity with tools such as: Jira, Bitbucket, Git, Carthage
  • Full Stack Developer

    About the role:

    • designing system architecture
    • systems engineering & integration

    Essential skills:

    • hands-on experience in OOP (PHP 5.6 and 7.x)
    • thorough knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
    • working knowledge of JavaScript ES5/ES6
    • knowledge of one of JavaScript frameworks (preferably React, Ember.js)
    • competencies and experience in creating commercial projects in MVC based PHP framework
    • strong conceptual ability and knowledge of design patterns SOLID, KISS, DRY and YAGNI
    • familiarity with testing tools such as: Codeception, PHPUnit, PHPSpec
    • command of dependency managers (i.e. Composer)
    • understanding and knowledge of automation operations (Vagrant, Continuous Integration)
    • experience with MySQL
    • fluency in English

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • experience with Node.js, Angular
    • interest in microservice architecture
    • experience with message queue technology
    • Previous experience working in a multinational environment within teams scattered throughout the world
    • Knowledge of NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch)
    • familiarity with tools such as: Jira, Bitbucket, Git, Carthage
  • Backend Developer

    About the role:

    • ability to build and apply best practices on creation of the system architecture
    • confident development strategies and efficient integration of user-facing elements

    Essential skills:

    • hands-on experience in OOP (PHP 5.6 and 7.x)
    • experience with MVC framework
    • well above average grasp of MySQL
    • good English in speech and writing

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • interest in microservice architecture, message queue
    • familiarity with CQRS
    • previous experience working in a multinational environment within teams scattered throughout the world
    • knowledge of NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch)
    • knowledge of design patterns SOLID, KISS, DRY and YAGNI
    • know-how of testing tools (Codeception, PHPUnit, PHPSpec); and package management tools (Composer)
    • understanding of system automation (Vagrant, Continuous Integration)
  • Frontend Developer

    About the role:

    • designing and implementing key functionalities of modern web applications based on reliable frameworks
    • translating designer mockups and wireframes into front-end code
    • maintaining best UI/UX standards and branding consistency throughout the product's interface
    • being innovative and moving forward with latest trends and technologies

    Essential skills:

    • HTML5 and CSS3
    • hands-on experience in JavaScript ES5/ES6
    • knowledge of one of JavaScript frameworks (preferably React, Ember.js)
    • GIT literacy
    • independent problem-solving skills
    • can-do attitude and unconventional approach to complex wrinkles
    • you're a team player

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • knowledge of BEM/OOCSS/CSS modules
    • experience with Node.js, Angular
    • hands-on experience confirmed by numerous projects
    • Agile/Scrum literacy
    • excitement about techie stuff
    • your brain is programming savvy
  • Go Developer

    About the role:

    • ability to build and apply best practices on creation of the system architecture
    • confident development strategies and efficient integration of user-facing elements

    Essential skills:

    • at least 1 year of commercial experience programming in Go language
    • good command of English
    • ability to create, maintain and work with well-written technical documentation
    • willingness to advance in Google technologies field
    • great teamwork skills
    • commitment to the project and creative approach to everyday tasks

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • knowledge of any different programming language would be an advantage
    • GIT literacy
    • understanding of system automation — Docker
    • experience with MongoDB
    • knowledge of MySQL
    • familiarity with GNU/Linux
  • DevOps

    About the role:

    • helping us with day to day management of our development and staging environments (AWS, Rackspace)
    • supporting our developers

    Essential skills:

    • previous experience with AWS
    • good knowledge of Linux (preferably RHEL/CentOS or Ubuntu)
    • good knowledge of networking and any OS related topics
    • experience in shell scripting (Bash)
    • can-do attitude

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • experience with Jenkins CI
    • AWS certificate
    • experience with Docker
    • experience with Ansible or similar tools
    • familiarity with MacOS X and Windows
    • experience with Vagrant, Virtual Box
    • familiarity with Kubenetes
    • familiarity with MySQL, Redis
    • familiarity with LAMP stack
  • HR Assistant

    About the role:

    • running end-to-end recruitment processes for positions in IT
    • establishing and managing relationships with external partners:
      job boards, recruitment agencies;
      price negotiations and analyses in order to maintain economically viable costs
    • organizing trainings for employees
    • organizing team building events
    • HR administration

    Essential skills:

    • experience on the similar position
    • good English in speech and writing
    • knowledge of Polish Labor Law
    • can-do attitude and proactive approach
    • excellent communication skills
    • self-motivated

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • interest in IT
  • PHP Developer Intern

    About the role:

    • creating and development of new, innovative projects
    • working within Scrum methodology in a team of specialists

    Essential skills:

    • basic knowledge of PHP and relational databases (MySQL)
    • familiarity with OOP
    • good command of English
    • having problem-solving mindset

    It's awesome but not a must:

    • experience with programming in JavaScript (jQuery)

We're here to help

Are you wondering what documents to attach in the application email? Or if worktime is flexible?
Read the below FAQ to clear up any doubts.

  • How can I apply for a position at Codahead?

    All open positions are posted on our website codahead.com. Simply go to Career section, find the position that is exactly your fit, click "Apply" button and send us your application to jobs@codahead.com.

  • What documents do I need to attach to my application?

    You should always send us your current CV. It will be great if you additionally send such documents as:
    — for applications in the technical field you can add your portfolio (some of your best works)
    — reference letters from your last employers (optional)

  • How do we deal with your application?

    In general, we approach each potential employee individually. Recruitment might vary based on the position you are applying to. When you decide to send us your CV, our HR team analyses your skills and experience. If we believe you match the essential skills required for certain position, we will contact you and, in the first phase, we will invite you for a telephone interview. Then, we can ask you to deal with a programming task. If you are selected for an interview at the office, you will be contacted by a recruiter who will outline next steps of the process. If you are not selected to move forward in the recruiting process, you will always be notified by email. You still may be contacted about other opportunities that align with your profile or interests.

  • What language skills do I need for a successful application at Codahead?

    To hold a position at Codahead, you should have excellent command of English. Polish — advanced.

  • Can I apply for several positions at Codahead at the same time?

    Of course! If you are interested in more than one position at Codahead you can apply for various job offers at the same time.

  • Is it possible to do an internship at Codahead?

    Being an intern in Codahead is a great way to gain experience in your field. As an intern you will get the chance to work on interesting projects in a professional environment. Internships are posted on a regular basis in "Career" section on codahead.com.

  • What kind of people are we looking for?

    Our everyday atmosphere is really friendly and casual. We don't dress up or try to mute your personality. We're Codahead team where we value your culture, always give a helping hand and are aware that its your talent and initiative that move us forward. We are looking for people who have professional skills, and who will show us that they're passionate about the role they're applying for.