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We are a software and hardware development company. Our expertise is at world class level and we're known for delivering. We operate in Europe and North America, having offices on both continents.

Our Services

What we do

Over 10 years of software and hardware experience. We work with a number of companies, from startups to enterprises, developing custom solutions or offering an extra pair of hands. We do care about the security of our solutions.

Rent a remote team

If you're interested in having your own dedicated team of developers, qas, managers, designers or hardware developers.


Build a custom product

If you wish to build a product and that's your only concern, we're here to help by providing everything that entails – the requirements, product scope, branding, development, release to the end customers and maintenance.



Programming languages

We use different languages every day. We think of coding languages as tools that we can use, while it all depends on what fits the product best – that's a key factor for us.

java php
python js
objective kotlin
swift rails
ruby ember
rails node

Our Approach

Developing products is complex and there has to be a clear process that follows today's best practices for agile and lean development. We mostly use Scrum with our daily tasks — that's why we "sprint" till delivery. By working with us, we’ll together go through each of the below steps:

  • 1.

    Discovery and planning

    We get familiar with your idea or product, translate business solutions to technical solutions, plan the architecture, identify the technical requirements and craft a strategy for the delivery process. We create the scope for the project, develop user stories, semi-releases and key milestones. We consider this to be the most important phase.

  • Design and architecture

    Once the UX/UI is set, we provide layouts for each device required. In previous projects, this phase typically included the preparation of the system's architecture and database structure.

  • 3.


    The project's backend developers will set the foundation and define the structure that our front-end engineers will leverage to create the visual representation that users interact with. This happens in development cycles and each cycle ends with a demo. The cycle timespan can be adjusted if necessary.

  • Delivery

    This is the part when everyone works for a successful kick-off. The delivery phase guarantees the safe production release of the product. During this phase, dedicated QA engineers test all the elements for all users, with the launch being the goal.

  • 5.

    Maintenance and Adjustments

    During this phase, Codahead makes use of various tools to measure performance and end customers’ feedback to guide the team's efforts to provide the required enhancements and adjustments.


Peter Ternström,

As a company working with premium brands and customers with extremely high demands, it is imperative that we work with partners that share our thrive for high quality of service. We are happy to recommend Codahead.
They helped me to cover IT technology areas and opened up our minds to possibilities — ways of reaching out to customers, companies that we cooperate with, improving communication on the events by delivering dedicated custom software and hardware tools or products. Happy to keep in touch with these guys as I know they're always there to help


Max Roper,

Their work on our products has made a significant impact on our business. They are team players and have helped us building amazing products from concept to deployment. Some of the best analytical and technical knowledge that is out there!


Matt Synowiecki,

They have been unbelievable to work with. From the beginning, they not only have produced an excellent product, but they have helped me understand the entire process. They made sure to educate me, and always stayed in contact with me to ensure everything turned out the way that I envisioned it. Their organization and willingness to do whatever I want and need (I have woken them up in the middle of the night) is second to none.
Making a decision to start a business is a scary thing, and picking a developer is just as scary. I can genuinely say that I made a great choice, and not only are they my developing team, I view them as part of my company-family.


Izabella Russel,
Music Radio Creative
Managing Director

It's great to have a team of experts on the other end of the email. Professional, fast and easy to communicate with. Our website development has never been easier!


Vivek Chugh,

I have had the pleasure of working with Codahead for the past couple of years. They helped me on the front-end development for Listables. I have always enjoyed working with them. The team is diligent and thorough in their deliverables and are an absolute fun set of people to work with. We plan to continue the relationship and create more fun and exciting features for Listables in the future.


Michał Draczyński,
Piast Gliwice SA
PR Manager

Piast Gliwice for Android and iOS give new ways of connecting with our supporters. With push notifications we can inform them of the most important news from club. Nuus engine — hearth of app — is still developing. In few months we will induct ticket and loyalty program modules.

ClubMileage is an app for petrol addicts who love to be on the move, socialize and share their passion. In ClubMileage you will join or manage thematic Groups, use Private Chat and Group Shoutbox. Want to plan a trip or event? Get in touch with others and track your Group's location on the integrated Map. Have a little more initiative? Become an Admin of a Group. Show off your interests and invite new members.

A web panel for managing sports club multimedia content. Maintenance of a website, creating new materials, publishing posts and videos available with just one service. One of the apps managed by Nuus is Piast — crafted for Polish football club & fans. Designs and color scheme suit club's identity. Inside the app — fresh news, final scores, football events, media and user zone. By teaming up with Nuus, you'll be able to buy tickets directly in the app and scan them at the stadium. Don't waste time standing in the lines. And if you're bored waiting for second half-times to begin, open the app and play a mobile game broadcasted on a large outdoor screen.

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