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Safety in Embedded Systems

#embedded software #hardware services #mobd

Designing electronic systems engineer must consider a multitude of factors that will influence the overall safety of the device. The success of a properly functioning device is the result of the efforts of multiple design departments. When discussing safety, this area is most commonly associated with the work of programmers. This connection is entirely justified, […]

Why QA is a necessity at every stage of your project?

#hardware services #qa #software services

IT progresses while still, we sometimes find that interesting, that our potential clients don’t see as many benefits as we do having proper QA within the team. A QA Engineer is a professional who finds bugs in a product or program before its launch, collaborating with developers on fixes to those problems when necessary. For […]

5 min read

Face Swap system – how does it work?

#ai #computer vision #face recognition #neural network #opencv #software services

Currently, digital systems for analyzing faces and working with them are widely used in various systems, for example, identification of individuals by photo or signature of documents. One branch of face analysis is face replacement systems. In this post, we will talk about this technology. To begin with, it is worth answering the question: what […]

8 min read

Implementation of ARKit with Hand Gesture and Features Overview

#arkit #augmented reality #ios #neural network #software services

Introduction The first VR-AR helmet was created in 1968. This helmet was connected to a computer and attached to the ceiling. Since then, the development industry has evolved, the computing power of processors has grown and devices have become increasingly compact. Nowadays, an AR device can be a mobile phone that has the necessary software. […]

6 min read

TikTok clone for beginners

#android #aws #backend #software services

Why use ready-made products when you can create modern applications yourself? This time, we propose to create your own TikTok, which is a pipeline for downloading and transcoding video to HLS format and broadcasting it on Android Devices using Amazon services.

7 min read

How to create your own messaging app?

#android #communication #software services #webrtc

Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack – there are many communicators on the market that are used by a large number of people. Why don’t you build your own? From this article, you will learn how to create a video chat application based on the WebRTC library. Easier said than done? Not necessarily!

9 min read

How AI can help with age verification? Practical approach.

#age verification #ai #big data #computer vision #data science #face recognition #software services

Have you ever wondered how to quickly verify your age? Without showing your ID or any other document. What tool could intuitively carry out this process? This is what we deal with at Codahead!

10 min read

Bringing Innovation to help the environment with Fishial.AI

#ai #computer vision #deep learning #software services

At Codahead “innovation” is not just a buzzword. We are always striving to use the latest technological advances to help our clients reach their goals. If by doing that we can also help the environment, as is the case with Fishial.AI, we are even happier to be a part of the project. Conceived by The […]

11 min read

A denoising autoencoder for CIFAR dataset(s)

#deep learning #neural network

“Every once in a while we come across an image on our shelf that we like, but sometimes that image is stained by coffee, markers or simply time. What can we do if we want the original image back, without those smears?…”

12 min read

Practical application of the Android Neural Network API for the use of Tensorflow Lite models

#ai #android #neural network

“Interest in artificial intelligence is growing every year, and the computing power of devices is growing in proportion to the trend. Huawei has unveiled in London a new family of flagship models, the Mate 20, with a new neural processor (Dual-NPU) with the announced double performance gain…”

13 min read