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Point Of Sale for
industry leader

2012 - present
Appetize Kiosk

Business needs

  • Development of a custom, cloud-based Point-of-Sale solution for modern times
  • Shortening queues and food delivery process - at the stadiums, live events, shows, pubs and restaurants
  • A user-friendly interface that gives a venue complete picture of their business and revenue streams

What we did

Produced a comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS) solution in cooperation with the venues. System was designed and produced to be highly intuitive. Transaction paths are short and efficient. Software works with and on various hardware devices or payment terminals (injected custom software), providing support of various payment methods like chip and pin, chip and signature, CC signature, loyalty cards systems, ApplePay and more. The deliverables included:


  • Point-of-Sale eco-system
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Kitchen display module
  • Point-of-Sales for retailers
  • Administration portal for venues and corporations
  • Inventory module
  • Reporting module
  • Payment system including loyalty cards, bluetooth, Wireless payments (PCI compliance)
  • Offline mode, changeable taxation or restaurant mode


  • Point-of-Sale terminals integrated with payment card readers
  • Thermal printers and cash-drawers

Fields of use:

  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Multi-unit restaurants
  • Quick-service places
  • Amusements and attractions parks
  • Mass event (with no data)
  • ,000+
    End devices
    $ billion
    Worth transactions annually


    • Robustness - the solution works on over 50,000 end devices and processes over $3 billion in transactions annually
    • PCI compliant - verified and certified officially
    • It supports many payment methods - credit cards, loyalty systems, EMV, NFC and cash payments
    • Modern and ergonomic user interface - no need for extensive training or manual
    • The solution is used at Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Yankees, Angels, Eagles and many of the world's leading venues

    Their work on our products has made a significant impact on our business. They are team players and have helped us by building amazing products from concept to deployment. Some of the best analytical and technical knowledge that is out there!

    Max Roper
    Max Roper

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