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Machine learning services

We provide AI software development. If you're interested in applying smarter solutions to your business, together we can open up new AI opportunities that will - in a very real way - change your business. Your product will surely benefit from it.

Use Cases


Insights about how many people enter or exits the store, how many people are in the store, hot zones and any activities in the store.


Capturing photos from drones to gaining insight into the condition of critical assets and detecting defects in the infrastructure, specifically in the oil, gas, and electricity.


Vehicle traffic detection to monitor the traffic flow speed on highways, predict travel time, dynamically calculate toll values and more.


Pedestrian monitoring, the direction of motion, pedestrian density, and average speed in public spaces.

Finance Services

Allowing customers to set up bank accounts, make payments, and transfer funds with strong biometric authentication including facial liveness detection.


Recognizing the damaged area of the car in the claims handling process.

Lotteries & Gambling

Fast and reliable way to verify age without showing your ID.

Social portals and Apps

Facial matchmaking algorithms for connecting and recommending new people in your network.


Engage sports fans by recognizing and tracking players during the game.


AI Fish recognition platform

Fishial.AI was created by private foundation with mission to become the world’s largest marine biodiversity-related citizen science project focused on fish identification.

Engagement model

You’ll find out that our production process is quite visible, as we always follow certain path (with you)


AI, ML need assesment If AI won`t be any help, at least we`ll s ave you time and money by not implementing AI.

Further exploration

You might have a sufficient amount of data ready for collection and analysis. We will collect the needed data from online sources if possible. Then we`ll process these data to find patterns and correlations.

Architecture and modeling

Now, it would be the time to build learning models and that is going to require our experience, practice and still a lot of experimentation with further discovery of your bussiness needs. Don`t worry, it happens as iterations - sprinting team shows you the end result on demo each sprint.


Once you`re happy with the results, you may pull the „go live” trigger so your product is going to start to fill the purpose. This is continuous road, self improvement will still require human hands and brain… well, just from time to time.

Our ready to use AI driven products

Below you'll find ready to use, out of the box products, that are intelligent and learn.

Codaface SDK

What is a library

SDK AI (ML) that recognizes faces. Communicates with the application on a current basis, processing information from the camera and sends a confirmation of identified person, making decisions about the release of the electromagnetic lock or triggers other events.


Live face recognition with high efficiency and speed. Authorized persons management is possible directly through the administration panel. The possibility of embedding on customer devices or running in cloud technology. Specification: 96.6% at FAR = 0.1, 90.5% at FAR = 0.01, configurable threshold of effectiveness.

Why is it valuable

Library delivered as a mobile Android / iOS framework and an administrative part (backend). It is a ready solution with the possibility of manual adjustment of effectiveness without the need to use the services of a programmer. It has ensured continuous development without involving your own resources.


What is a library

AI library (ML) that recognizes objects and tracks them in real time during sports events. Communicates with the application on a regular basis, processing information from the camera. Displays the information given on the recognized objects.


Recognition of competitors during sports events. It is used in: American football, hokey on ice, indoor volleyball, football and indoor football. The library is installed on a mobile device with a parent application, e.g. an application that supports a sports club. From the position of the end user it is an integral part of the mobile application in which it is nested.

Why is it valuable

A ready-to-use element, operating on the basis of input-outcome communication. The library is delivered with a customizable view and implemented into an existing mobile application. It is a one-off purchase cost. It provides advanced functionality without involving your own resources.

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