Have your own dedicated team of developers, qas, managers, designers or hardware developers. If you know what to do and how to achieve it, but don't have the resources, look no further.



If you wish to build a product and that's your only concern, we're here to help by providing everything that entails – the requirements, product scope, branding, development, release to the end customers and maintenance.


Build your product

Besides designing web and mobile applications from scratch, we're best equipped in:

  • reliable payment services, implementation of ApplePay, RFID and NFC payments
  • intelligent electronics and hardware solutions
  • complete business analysis and tailored digital strategy
  • creating perfect UX and modern branding refreshing your visual identity.
  • online payment integrations – Braintree, Spreedly, Authorize, BridgePay, etc.
  • we support: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay systems, as well as Wristbands, Beacons, NFC and RFID payments
  • encrypted payments with injected software to peripheral devices
  • PCI compliance (different levels) process with clients
  • Machine Learning methods for predictive data analysis including Deep Learning in computer vision and audio generation/recognition
  • implementation of big data portals that handle large and heavy portions of data
  • online shop ordering and integrations with shipping companies (DHL, FedEx)

Tell us your idea

Explain us what you would like to achieve with us - we would like to be on the same page having in-depth idea of the scope and plan.

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